LENT 2021

Mount Moriah, the Season of Lent is upon us, beginning on Wednesday, February 17th and culminating on Sunday March 28th.  This year’s theme is Submission to the Son in 2021.   Mark your calendars for our time of fasting, prayer, and reflection as we embrace a greater yielding and surrendering to Jesus Christ.

In preparation for our time of consecration you will need a copy of “Once-A-Day 40 Days to Easter Devotional” by Kenneth Boa and a guidebook on fasting.  Follow the steps below to order your 40-day devotional and to download your fasting guidebook.

  • 40-day Devotional eBook available instantly for reading – Click here to order.

  • A detailed guidebook to fasting is available in PDF for download.  Click here to download your copy today.