MasterWork – “Spiritual Warfare”

Christians already have victory over the world through Jesus, but Satan picks a fight with believers, nonetheless, tempting them with the influences of the world in an effort to steal God’s glory. Indeed, the battle rages on, but the nature of the enemy is baldly exposed in Spiritual Warfare, helping us better understand feelings of resentment, anger, doubt, pride, and adversity for what they really are: fiery darts of deception.

Explore the Bible (Visit www.mountmoriahnow.org small groups for various times – Winter 2021 Study: Luke 1–9

In his Gospel, Luke highlighted Jesus’ great love for all people—especially Gentiles, the poor, women, social outcasts, and those labeled by society as sinners. For this reason, the Gospel of Luke has been called the “the Gospel of the underdog.” Ultimately, Luke’s Gospel is a testimony about God the Son as He took on human flesh and became the Son of Man. (13 sessions)


Thursday Night Live – (7:00 – 8:00 PM) – The Book of Jonah (Right Now Media)

Focused on the prophet rather than his prophecy, the story of Jonah gives us a picture of a man on the run due to his own selfish desires. Instead of showing mercy to his enemies, he determined to keep God’s grace to himself rather than share it with those he considered undeserving. Can you relate? Over the course of 8 verse-by-verse sessions, pastor and author Eric Mason expands our vision to see that Jonah’s story is our own. It offers a profound glimpse into the conflict that occurs when God calls resistant believers to His mission. More importantly, it underscores the depths of His compassion not only in redeeming the lost but redeeming those He has called to participate in His reconciling work.  Click here to see more…

Students’ Ministry (Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM) – Different

In this series, Jonathan Evans walks students (9-12th grades) through the parables in Luke to teach what it looks like for God to rule our lives. Though a life sold out for Christ might look backwards to everyone else, it actually points us back to how God intended our lives to be when he first created us. When God is king, he reverses the curse and flips everything we know on its head. We simply have to choose to follow his lead.  Watch here for more.


Young Adult Study – Wednesdays, 7:30-8:45p


Our church’s Bible Study Library just went digital.  Yes, that’s right!  Over 10,000 videos for you and your family.   Click here to watch a video from our Discipleship Division Director, Minister Leonard Phillips and learn of ways you can use this resource to enhance your discipleship journey.

Sessions for 9th – 12th Graders (“Different”) also held virtually, Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm.

Other Important Discipleship Dates

“Thursday Night Live” – Thursdays, 7:00-8:00p

Explore The Bible, MasterWork – Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Saturdays (varied hours)

Young Adult Study – Wednesdays, 7:30-8:45p

Discipleship Summer 2020

VBS (Virtual Bible School) Concrete and Cranes

Our Family Life Center is not the only building under construction. For the past 3 weeks, our students have been working on the “virtual” construction site, Concrete and Cranes, where they have discovered that Jesus’ love provides a foundation for life, built on love, forgiveness, worth, and promise. As wise builders, our students, ages 3 years to 12th grade, experienced worship, prayer, arts and crafts, snack time and 5 engaging lessons based on Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (NIV) At least 10 students prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior!

We also “worked” on another construction site in our community, at the Mirador at Idlewood Apartments playground, located in Clarkston. For 3 consecutive Sunday afternoons, our ministry volunteers delivered engaging lessons, played water games and enjoyed snacks with over 30 children from this neighborhood. At least 6 students prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.

The Discipleship Division extends a warm “Thank You” to our students, parents, and all volunteers, who made this virtual and “on playground” event a success!

Adult VBS (Virtual Bible Study) Detours

It’s not too late to join us on Thursdays, 7-8pm, for this dynamic six-week study, Detours, written by Dr. Tony Evans.  This study uses the life of Joseph to help believers navigate detours that may take them through trials, injustice, and even betrayal.

Register today at mountmoriahnow.org/calendar-events or simply join us using the Zoom link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84319701360

See you there!


2020 VBS & Discipleship Summer Sessions

The theme for the Children and Youth VBS is Concrete & Cranes based on Philippians 1:6.

The focus and theme for the adults is Detours, a study based on the life of Joseph .

Learn To Navigate Through Trials In Life

In a time when all hope seems to be lost and life seems most uncertain you can find hope in understanding that the sudden or seemingly endless detours in life are God’s way of moving you from where you are to where He wants you to be.  Spend time with us each Sunday at 8:30 am, beginning on July 26th.

The biblical account of Joseph clearly demonstrates that God is at work even when life seems to be going wrong. Even today, it’s easy to wonder why God would allow calamity to happen or if He’s in control at all. Whether through uncontrollable circumstances or the pain of personal relationships, everyone has experienced unforeseen changes in life. This study helps believers navigate detours that may take you through trials, injustice, and even betrayal. You will be comforted and encouraged when you learn to rest in God’s redemptive plan and the hope found in God’s sovereign will.

Register by visiting www.mountmoriahnow.org – click on Connect | Members | Join a Small Group!